About Admission Mantra

Launched in 2015, Admissions Mantra is a one-of-a-kind search engine for students, parents, and education industry professionals looking for information about higher education in India and overseas. We believe in open communication with students, making us an excellent choice for undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) courses in India and abroad. Admission Mantra is your one-stop shop for getting into standard or distance learning programs. We also provide free immigration and study visa services through highly qualified professionals.

Our Vision

Admissions Mantra was founded with the goal of arming students with knowledge so that they may make better choices when it comes to choosing their courses and colleges for that.
We aim:-
  • To raise awareness of online and remote education in India and abroad and to dispel common queries.
  • To create an objective gateway for online and remote learning.
  • To provide an online infrastructure that would assist students with any questions they may have concerning online and distant learning.
  • To make distant learning programmes accessible to all students at an affordable price.
  • Students are empowered via skill development programmes, which prepare them for the future.
  • To increase a student’s chances of success by advising and assisting them to make well-considered decisions at every stage of their career.

Our Mission

Our aim is to create the greatest online education portal with an interactive user experience while also assisting students in finding the best distance learning and remote learning options in India as well as abroad. We strive to be the best education portal and assist students in every way possible in making their decisions simpler.







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